Jihan Overseas Ltd (RL # 1104) established Jihan Overseas Training Centre in 2008 and separately sister concern with Virsagi Marine Test Center (Pvt) Ltd along with those OTC’s named a) Progressive Test Center (Pvt) Ltd; b) CT Test Center (Pvt) Ltd; c) Welltech Test Center Pvt Ltd; d) Fonda Test Center (Pvt) Ltd in May 2007 from onward we are serving in Singapore market with trust.

The above OTC’s (Overseas Test Center) is formed under the Construction Industries Training Institute (CITI) and approved by Ministry of Manpower of Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET) in Bangladesh Government.

The OTC’s takes part to mobilize the workers in Singapore after the achieve Skill Evaluation Certificate, Knowledge “SEC (K)” after conducting a Trade Test by the BCA of Singapore and also we have the authorization to mobilize under ITE (Institute of Technical Education, Singapore) supervision for Singapore Marine Sector as well. Since 2007 onwards, we have mobilized more than 50,000 workers to Singapore and Middle East successfully with good reputation as per our client desires.